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About video ads found at this website.

Normally, banner ads are banners linked to the websites they advertise. A lot of people won't click on them because they may not be ready yet to leave the website they are at or they may not want to switch to where they may or may not find something interesting. Not too many people like wandering around unfamiliar websites. Context advertisings are not very informative or sufficiently specific and not too effective. As to video ads, they work just fine and do not force one off the site. They are very simple to use: just click on the banner to bring in a lightbox with the ad video clip. A lot depends on how interesting the clip is. There may be a large number of consecutively played clips. The number is limited by expediency. No viewer is likely to want to watch 10 video clips in a row.

Advertising video banners may be placed anywhere on one's website, inside modules, within articles, or even in components.
Please have a look at the exemplary placing of video banners in the Hotels component, right above the Betsy hotel advertising (use this name link). Banners may be incorporated in hotel descriptions, placed above the map or next to it or located in the right-hand side of a module. A user who watches the hotel clip is very likely to watch the rest of the ads, concluding that the other banners are also about the hotel. That is a good place for clips advertising restaurants, museums or theaters, that is, places frequented by tourists and hotel guests. Another advantage of this kind of video ads is their not being obtrusive or irritating because they are only turned on when website users want them. This is a positive factor because users may not just watch clips accidentally but purposely watch all the clips on a page.

Видео реклама на tbilisi-portal.com

I invite anyone interested in advertising to try and use the suggested kind of video ads.
They are very convenient for tourist firms, construction companies, restaurants, clinics, schools and other organizations. Banner video advertising gives one a chance to briefly show and narrate (in three languages if you wish so) the advantages of one's offer.
By the way, Georgia's hotels and clinics also may use the Tbilisi Portal website where one finds full descriptions, video clips, photographic albums, maps showing exact locations and visit counters concerning particular ad placements. Hotel rooms may be reserved straight from the website. The effectiveness of clinics' ads is well illustrated by the example of Medi whose ad has already been viewed by nearly 7500 visitors., которую уже посетили почти 7500 раз..
Prices are low while advantages are great!

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