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Tbilisi-Portal is an online resource which combines the most important and interesting information about Georgia, such as: business, culture, social and political news, real estate directory, description of hotels in Georgia and Tbilisi in particular, file archive, blog and much more. Blog allows to plunge into the fascinating world of human opinions and emotions. The flexible structure of this blog, gives users opportunity to add not only comments in the authentication and anonymous mode, but also to add news and express themselves.

hotel bank hospital



presse khinkali map


Map of Tbilisi

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Объявления radio photoshop

Travel agencies


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Theaters Metro Photoshop

Tbilisi-Portal contains the information about the leading firms, which work in the Georgian business, Bank of Georgia, companies, whose products are the Georgian brands. There you can find the information about embassies in Georgia and about visas and visa regime applicable to the various countries. On this site you’ll have opportunity to study the symbolism of Georgia (orders, banners and the national anthem of Georgia), maps of Georgia and Tbilisi. On Tbilisi-Portal you’ll easily find the information about private schools, hospitals, travel agencies and real estate. The information about the real estate had been posted on this site by the real estate agencies of Tbilisi. So, you can find out the necessary information directly if you want. You can contact directly with the source of information by calling or sending an e-mail. It's quick and convenient. If you're going to Tbilisi, but you have no place to stay and you need the information about hotels in Tbilisi, their location, service, cost of rooms and you want to book a room directly from the site, you can easily do it on the Tbilisi-Portal.

You can look at the page What & Where, if you need to know something about any problems and urgent repairs and accidents. This page will help you to connect quickly with the local police department, ambulance service, gas and fire protection. What & Where will help you also if you need urgent assistance in your home, to find and connect with experts of different profiles on the phone or to troubleshoot any emergency./span>


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